TV AD Analysis


Telvision adverts have 3 different purposes; to promote, to raise awareness or to sell. adverts that are to promote tend to be for political campaigns or for tv shows. adverts that are there to raise awarness are most commonly made by charity raising awareness of particular problems in the world. finally adverts that are made to sell are often made by product companys or shops.

all adverts have to follow particular guidelines. there are different guidelines depending on when your advert is shown( for example; adverts can swear and be more adult after the watershed)

adverts also tend to focus on a few key features such as target audience.

Call of duty: Black Ops 2 ‘Surprise’ trailer:

This advertisement has a very specific target audience, however it finds a way to appeal to the general public. Call of duty have be known to do a lot of live action trailers and this one was no different, the advert starts with a man dressed in soldier gear sitting on a tire playing with some equipment, the camera then pans out to reveal he is in a war torn city with many destroyed buildings and vehicles. this sets the tone of the rest of the ad.

the start of the advert instantly makes it obvious who the target audience is. the advert targets mainly gamers, anyone who is into gaming will recognise the setting is similar to a multiplayer game of call of duty. the fast paced action combined with the ‘killstreaks’ zooming about really creates the same vibe the multiplayer game does. this makes the advert instantly connect with the target audience, it also makes the target audience feel special, as if they are in an exclusive group that only they will understand what this advert is about.

the advert then moves into a shot of a sniper targeting the man at the beginning this leads to a series of different characters each trying to kill one another with a different item from the game. the advert flows well as it uses the various weapons to transition between characters for example a women fires a tomahawk towards the sniper which leads into the reveal of the women, who is shot at which leads to the reveal of the shooter and so on. this sort of transitioning makes it feel one complete video as opposed to a group of clips put together.

this leads to my next point, the majority of the characters are played by ‘internet famous’ stars. only a particular group of people would recognise these people, a minority compared to the size of people that would watch this advert. this gives the advert a certain edge, makes it special for the people who are in the know and can suddenly change their attitude towards the product. However it still appeals to the mainstream audience by feature hollywood megastar (and all around badass) Robert Downey Jnr.

Batman: Arkham City – Hugo Strange Trailer

the batman arkham city takes a different approach and instead of trying to appeal to the products primary tarket audience (comic book fans and gamers) it appeals to a mainstream audience by creating a action pack, fully cinematic trailer. this can work out well considering a wide majority of people atleast know about batman, and know the basic idea around him. this trailer appeals to that, by having dramtic action sequances, but also educates the audience on what the game is. the reason i say this doesnt appeal to thew products primary audience is because it features no actual gameplay, and rtherefore didnt show that demographic what they would of wanted to see.

the advert takes alot of inspiration from hollywood blockbuster film trailers, the way its set up, showing the evil villain torturing a victim before showing the hero beating up a bunch of henchmen before finishing on the major plot twist, the shots used are reminiscent of James bond trailers.

the advert also features arguebly the best looking cgi of the past 10 years, at some points it genuinly look real, the lighting and particle effects made it feel 3 dimensional and added to the tone of the advert.

Comparing the 2 modern adverts:

the 2 adverts take a very different approach to target audience, the first appealing to its minority audience more but still managing to appeal to the mainstream audience, while the second avoids its majority target audience in an attempt to appeal to a more mainstream audience, and takes alot of inspiration from modern action film trailers. personally i feel the COD trailer is better, but that is because im part of the audience the ad is targeted at and I’m ‘in the know’ about who these people are, however i believe the arkham city adverts is truly amazing and one of the best cinematic gaming adverts of its time.



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