Video Killed The Radio Star.

Thats the name of the first music video to be played on a channel that would become the worlds largest music video broadcast company.

MTV launched in 1981 with the sole purpose to showcase music videos. the original plan was to showcase the music videos and be hosted by a variety of people who would be called VJ’s. since then MTV has created many sister channels and began creating its own tv shows. nowadays the music videos have moved to the sister channels and MTV main channel shows reality based TV shows aim at the 14- 25 demographic.

MTV started of broadcasting in new jersey but has evolved to broadcast all across the world from the UK to asia.

MTV has gone from a small time channel to a pop culture phenomenon. the channel has developed from music videos to reality shows to award ceremonies. it has even branched out into children’s TV and one of its sister channels( nickelodeon) is one of the largest children’s tv channels in the world second only to the disney channel.

MTV, in total, has more then 20 channels world wide:

  • MTV
  • MTV +1
  • MTV HD
  • MTV Live
  • MTV Live HD
  • MTV Music
  • MTV Base
  • MTV Hits
  • MTV Dance
  • MTV Rocks
  • MTV Classic
  • VH1
  • Viva
  • Comedy Central
  • Comedy Central HD
  • Comedy Central +1
  • Comedy Central Extra
  • Comedy Central Extra +1
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nickelodeon HD
  • Nick Replay
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nick Jr. 2
  • Nicktoons
  • Nicktoons Replay

Where Would We Be Without MTV?:

personally i believe we would only be a few years behind in terms of music videos, not long after mtg the internet would come into play and eventually music videos would have gotten to the point it is now, but the journey there would of been very different.

Whats next for MTV?:

There is only one more place for MTV to go and thats onto the internet, however it is going to be very difficult for MTV to do well in that market unless they find a unique selling point they have to much competition that can offer the same thing for free. companies like youtube and vevo already have the video market on the internet and it will take something revolutionary to take there place.

Did Video Kill The Radiostar?:

when was the last time you listened to the radio?