Radio Ad Analysis


The nintendo entertainment system was by far one of the most popular gaming consoles of its era, and part of its success can be put on this ad. similar to the modern batman advert; the NES advert takes some inspiration from film adverts, with its quik pacing and upbeat rock and roll music. it also establishes its target audience by feature 2 young males. another tactic the advert uses is it features gameplay from 2 very popular titles: batman and super mario. Batman had recently released a very high profile movie which was revolutionary for the batman franchise. NES used the hype surounding the batman film to sell there product, this makes the system appeal to people who enjoyed the film, aswell as casual batman fans. it then showed gameplay of super mario which had already established itself as one of the leading products in the gaming industry. it also stated that it came with over 60 games, which back then was unheard of and a very large gaming libary for a console. the script and voice over for this ad must be commend too, as it made super mario, a cartoon childish game, seem like a epic action battle to save a princess. it also highlighted alot of the NES’s features such as the 2 different controllers, quik loading cartridge system, in fared red controller as well as the various accessories.

Sega Genesis Blast Processing:

This advert is great for all the wrong reasons. it uses very dirty tactics, and many may see it as un ethical. Sega directly attacks the nintendo NES which some may see as slander. it claims that the sega genesis has ‘blast processing’ where as the NES doesn’t. it then goes on to compare the Genesis to a high speed race car and compared the NES to and old broken van, it even went as far as to strap a NES to the back of the van. the advert also shows some gameplay of games such as sonic the hedgehog, which ties in well to the advert as they are high speed action games. it also shows nintendos own super Mario karts, and displays it as a slow paced game.

these very dirty tactics are effective but un ethical and in the modern day would not be allowed on television.

Comparing the 2 retro ads:

the 2 ads are for the same type of product yet take very different approaches. the NES aims it product at teenagers with its high action advert, where as the Genesis uses dirty tactic to both slander to competition whilst still promoting its own pro ducting and claims it has something that the other console doesn’t. personally i find the Genesis ad to be the most effective however i feel the NES ad is the better ad of the two because it does its purpose without the need to slander the competition.



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