music video: skrillex

what is a music video with a narrative?

a music video with a narrative is a music video that has a story going through it. it is often like a mini movie. the most well known narrative music video is arguably Michael Jackson’s thriller. a lot of artist have taken inspiration from this one of which is ladie gaga who often release a mini movie for all her tracks.

genres of music have also taken on the mini movie idea. the most obvious one being dub step. almost all dub step music videos are now short movies with a narrative. today i will look at a mainstream dub step artist named skrillex and his music video ‘first of the year’.

the music video starts of with a little girl playing in a playground. it then switches to a creepy man sitting on a bench watching. this man is a stereotypical pedophile. the little girl then skips of down the road and the man per sues her. at this time the music is building up it intensity. the little girl then goes down into a basement possibly a underground car park the man continues to follow filling a clothe which can be deduced as chloroform. as they enter the underground car park the little girl is seen with a red phone, at this point the music is getting louder and even more intense until the little girl screams into the phone ‘call 911 now!’ this begins the ‘bass drop’ and a unknown force pushes the man into a wall. we then see that the girl has some sort of telekinetic powers and is controlling the mans body. her eyes are completely black, this could possibly mean the girl is possessed by some paranormal creature.

the screen then goes black and the music drops down to its original beat and reveals the man waking up tied to a chair in a room full of creepy children’s dolls. the man begins to reach out towards the dolls when the hands of a black creature reaches out form the darkness and drags him bak by his face. the man then wakes up back in the underground car park and the build up to the ‘bass drop’ starts again. he finds his glasses on the floor puts them on and finds his phone in his pocket. he doesn’t realise the little girl is standing behind him with steam rising from her body. the man then finds his phone just as the music builds and screams ‘call 911 now!’ frantically down the phone. then a bigger ‘bass drop’ then before kicks in and smoke bellows out from around the little girl and the creature that is controlling her appears behind her. she then continues to mess with his body moving her fingers in time with the creature. this is making the mans body contort and move indicating he is in a lot of pain. finally she uses a twisting motion with her hands and the screens goes black, this indicates a snapping of the neck and death. it then cuts to a shot of her adding the man to a tally she has drawn on the wall using her victims blood.


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