Britney Spears Parody

Ladies And Gentlemen!

Boys And Girls!

Children Of All Ages!

BOA Broadcast Right Side Of The Room Productions Presents…

A Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time Msuic Video Parody

So basically we was bored one day and decided to go out and make this 🙂 with only 10 mins of pre production and no research we went out and made this 🙂


Jake Beech – Camera Man/Co-Director/Co-Producer`:

Robyn Goding – Co-Director/Editor/Co-Producer :

Teya Cridland – Dancer/Co-Director :

Jaack Riley – Leading Lady/Choreographer :

Robyn Jaye – Dancer :

Georgina Wood – Dancer :

Abiey Humphries – Dancer :

Be Sure To Go And Give The Video A Like And Enjoy!


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