spike jonze

spike Jonze Is A legend. the man has directed music videos, movie, television, commercials and plenty more, many of you have seen his work but may not of realised it. the man has directed many pop culture classics such as

Fat Boy Slim – weapon of choice


kanye west and jay-Z – otis

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

back story:

he began life as adam speigal, but in his teens he was given the nickname spike jonze by mike henderson, the owner of the bethesda community store.

his first major success came when he produced the video for the beastie boys – sabotage, this lead to him to work with many other artists such as tenacious D, Fat Boy Slim, R.E.M, Daftpunk and kanye west.

Fatboy Slim – Praise You:

praise you is often touted as the most original music video of all time. the video is of ‘fan footage’ of a dance troupe performing out dated b-boy moves in a movie theatre lobby. the most interesting aspect is the fact that the dance troupe is lead by spike jonze himself. this music video is now often seen as a cult classic, a legend in the history of music videos.

Ikea Ad:

this ikea advert is pure genius. through the use of music, camera angles, lighting and pathetic fallacy (the weather), spike has managed to provoke emotion from us towards a lamp. the ad makes you feel sorry for the lamp that has been left on the street my its owner. it is made to seem asif the lamp is looking at its previous owner as he plays with his new lamp. this personification of a lamp is genius and he makes the audience carry this emotion through out the ad. until a german man in a large coat walks on and calls you crazy for feeling sorry for a lamp. because the new one is obviously better.

spike uses various technical elements perfectly to create the illusion that the lamp has feeling:


spike uses a lot of great shots in this ad, one of the shots he uses to give the lamp feelings is the point of view shot. this gives the lamp feelings by creating the idea that what the audience see’s is what the lamp is seeing, which creates the idea that the lamp has eyes and therefore a mind and feelings.


spike use’s a variety of sounds to create the tone and atmosphere of the ad. to start, the music he uses can be seen as depressing  and sad. this is so the audience will link those emotions to the lamp which will create the idea that those are the feelings that the lamp is feeling. spike also uses sound effects like thunder and lightening, again this is to make the audience link emotion to the lamp as thunder and lightening is often associated with fear.


spike uses i variety of different things to create the mis-en-scene, one of the most noticeable objects are the trash cans and trash bags outside the owners house. the lamp is placed by the bags to portray being thrown out. another ver noticeable object is the lamps lightbulb. halfway through the ad, as the the lamp is “looking on” at its owner playing with his new lamp, the light bulb goes out slowly, this creates the idea that the lamp has lost hope.


spike has been very clever with his editing, a scene in the ad shows the old lamp watch on as its owner plays around with the new lamp. this scene starts of with an over the shoulder clip from the point of view of the old lamp and then flicks to a close up clip of the new lamp being played with. this could be seen as a point of view shot as we are looking at the new lamp from outside the building, through a window. this is when the editing gets interesting as it quickly switches between shots of either lamp, both from the point of view of the other lamp, until the final clip of the old lamps light going out. this piece of editing builds up the tension and makes it feel as if the old lamps emotions are building up quickly until the bubble over and his light goes out.


spike jonze creates instant classics. his unique style and creativity ebbs and flows through all his work. he has the ‘anything he touches turns to gold’ effect and thats because he has mastered his trade and worked to do it. spike jonze is a legend.


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