review: chase and status ft plan B

Chase And Status, as well as plan B are 2 of the uk best talents. chase and status’s unique dance beats mixed in with plan B’s soulful voice is a perfect and unique hybrid. these 2 artist have collaborated many times and today i will talk about the music video for there collaborated track, end credits.


the music video is about the death of a character played by plan B. we see Plan B fall to the ground in slow motion, this indicates either suicide or his been pushed. this then leads into many flashback scenes which plan B is Watching, This works with the idea that your life flashes before your eyes when you die. the music video also includes footage from the film, harry brown.

Bad Points:

the video often gets confusing as it often randomly switches from the music videos narrative and the movie footage, both of them have similar story lines and makes it hard to tell the difference, it left me unsure as to wether or not plan B was also in the movie.

good points:

firstly, the song is very very good. the tone of it fits the video perfectly as well as the song being very well produced. moving on, the video started of well with the clip of plan b’s body falling to the ground slowly. it served its purpose well as it grabbed the viewers attention

, also once the body hit the ground a man walked by his body, this leaves the viewer intrigued and wanting to know more.

we then moved to a close up shot of plan b’s face as he begins to sing

, this is followed by a clip of plan B watching himself in a police questioning room. this sets the scene for the rest of the music video as it makes clear that we are watching him review his own life.

the music video also does well in setting a dark tone, as most the sets are quite dark, run down and unpleasant.

Personal Opinion:


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